“Sea Witch” Logo Layout Services for Princess Cruises

Posted by Westlake Consultants, Inc. on Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Westlake’s Bob Blair recently returned from the Bahamas where he provided logo layout services for the Pacific Princess. Princess Cruises is currently repainting its fleet, updating ships with the iconic “Sea Witch” logo.

Partnering with Lindsey Haney of Midnight Hour Productions and VER for video systems, Bob used 3D scanning technology to establish precise locations for the letters of “Princess Cruises” and “Pacific Princess,” as well as the logo. Westlake often collects 3D data for vessels to verify shape and geometry – which can be used to support work pertaining to deformation analysis, modification, and prefabrication.

Images of the lettering and logo were projected onto the sideshell of the ship, while the shipyard traced out the images. The end result was a flawless Princess paint job, and 3-dimensional data to support potential future vessel modifications. You can see the action here in this time-lapse video, which shows the same process for the Grand Princess (video courtesy of Vigor Marine, Portland).

The Westlake team is looking forward to serving Princess Cruises in several international locations over the next two years to complete the fleet’s makeover.

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