Development Survey

A successful project always begins with a successful survey, and Westlake has completed thousands of land surveys throughout Oregon and the United States. Our surveyors combine expertise with a high level of collaborative and responsive service to satisfy the needs of developers and public agencies. Our capabilities include GPS, robotic and reflectorless total stations and specialized 3D measurement services. Westlake works with our clients to select the best technology for the survey project requirements, site conditions and project timing.

Project Types and Services


Site Development

Westlake surveyors are well-versed with the requirements of the County Surveyors in the Portland Metro area. This experience translates into efficient drafting and recording of plats. We work closely with land use planners and engineers-both in-house, and from other firms-to develop preliminary plats that meet jurisdictional codes as well as State and County survey requirements.

Trust for Public Lands

The Quarry at Stafford

Wilsonville, Oregon

This ambitious project reclaimed 145 acres of a former quarry as a 29-lot rural subdivison and ‘Street of Dreams’ project. Westlake worked with the development team from project inception to evaluate feasibility. Close collaboration with the contractor, civil engineer and developer was key to the success of this project.


Residential Lot Development

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Working in concert with environmental scientists, Westlake provided the topographic surveying necessary so the owner could make an informed decision regarding various site development scenarios. Westlake provided surveying, civil engineering and land use planning services to examine a number of development challenges, including possible mitigation measures for stream flow, and the limited street access and visibility created by sloping site topography.


Roadway and Infrastructure

Westlake regularly provides surveying for right of way resolution and acquisition for large public works projects. We conduct thorough public records research and field location of monuments and usage to support resolution of right of way. Our surveying team can help property owners visualize the impact to their property when right of way is being acquired or vacated by staking the new right of way limits.

For site and roadway expansion projects, we understand how critical proper mapping of existing improvements within right-of-way and property lines is to the design team. We typically extend the limits of a survey, allowing engineers to better verify infrastructure and roadway connections.

Trust for Public Lands

NE Klickitat Street Green Street Project

Portland, Oregon

Westlake provided surveying to support design and construction of green street facilities and traffic calming features along this NE Portland bike boulevard. The survey covered 4 streets and 20 intersections. 3D laser scanning was used to reduce traffic impacts at one intersection and scan data was seamlessly tied to the project control network and conventional survey data.

Lake Oswego Interceptor Sewer (LOIS)

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Westlake has supported the evaluation, design and construction of the replacement interceptor sewer for the City of Lake Oswego and their engineering consultant, Brown & Caldwell, since the project began in 2007.

Boundary and Design Topographic Surveys

Westlake’s experienced surveyors provide the data needed for site evaluation, planning and design for both public and private development projects. We research survey records and collect field data, then compile and map those details to provide our clients the information they require. Our comprehensive attention to detail can allow us to help design engineers better understand the site topography by providing cross-sections and profiles.

Trust for Public Lands

Simplot Agribusiness Portland Terminal Building Expansion

Portland, Oregon

To support the design for a facility expansion, Westlake provided topographic surveying and mapping, including verifying rail locations for three railroad tracks and multiple utility lines. Our team communicated closely with the client to ensure that site safety protocol was followed closely.



Leach Botanical Garden

Portland, Oregon

Topographic and boundary surveying is required for this unique park. The garden covers approximately 16.5 acres, with surveying being conducted in phases. Historically important to Portland, the garden features over 2000 plant species. Surveying must be highly detailed to map the existing features within the garden, including the unique collection of specimen trees.

ALTA Surveys

Westlake has earned a reputation as a reliable, trusted source for ALTA and land title surveying. Working with property owners, financial institutions, attorneys and title companies has allowed us to develop a practice of offering responsive service as well as technical expertise. Because ALTA surveys are often time-critical, we keep our clients informed as to progress and timeline. We can frequently turn to our database of over 500 previously completed surveys when we’re asked to perform an ALTA update, allowing us to respond promptly and at reduced cost.

Trust for Public Lands

Commercial Property Development Firms

Locations throughout Oregon

Prior to a lender releasing financing for a commercial building sale, an ALTA/ACSM survey is required to identify property lines, easements, utilities and any improvements to the property. Often, this process is more complicated for older buildings where records may not exist, and remodeling and renovations have taken place.

Fred Meyer

Locations throughout Oregon

Westlake has performed nearly 30 ALTA surveys for Fred Meyer store and fuel station locations throughout Oregon. We feel that our long-term clients are a testament to our client responsiveness and ability to provide timely and thorough ALTA/ACSM surveys.

Condo Plats

Technical expertise, combined with a flexible, responsive approach to project completion, has allowed Westlake to achieve success in the platting of large condominium projects. We are well-versed in the applicable State and local regulations governing the Condominium Declaration, and associated provisions.

Large condominium projects typically span many months, from initial layout, through periodic check measurement, followed by final platting and setting of property corners. Westlake engages in ongoing coordination with the owner, contractor and attorney during the course of each project to avoid last minute issues which could stall the revision and recording of the plat.


Trust for Public Lands

The Gregory Lofts Condominium

Portland, Oregon

This 12-story, 145 unit development features ground floor retail space and over 200 parking stalls. For this art-deco inspired building, Westlake provided overall building surveying and condo platting so development could proceed. We also coordinated with the client regarding contents of Declaration, as applied to survey issues.

Condo Interior Prior to Renovation

Portland, Oregon

Before a space can be divided and converted into condominiums, Westlake provides the necessary surveying (boundary survey and record of survey) to the client. Precise measurements of the interior are especially important during a conversion. We are also able to address special circumstances such as restricted ownership.

Utility Surveys

Utility surveying presents unique challenges, including varied ownership of property and difficult terrain. Westlake’s first task when performing a utility survey is to thoroughly understand the project design criteria, whether for a wind farm, a water line or an interceptor sewer. This allows us to best serve the public agencies, owners and engineers we work with.

Utility lines often impact both public right of ways and private lands. They may cross freeways, rivers or railroads, and pass through wetlands, woods and cities. Comprehensive planning and consistent quality control allow Westlake surveyors to establish a survey control network that ties all data together.


Trust for Public Lands

NW Natural Mist to Molalla Pipeline

Washington, Clackamas and Marion Counties, Oregon

For this 24” natural gas pipeline, Westlake provided survey control and mapping to help determine the alignment for 30 of the project’s 60 miles. We completed detailed footline and right of way/boundary surveying for the entire 60 miles, as well as construction staking, as-builting and monument perpetuation.

Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project

Gilliam County, Oregon

Westlake completed field surveying to confirm topography, establish property boundary lines, locate underground utilities and prepare base maps for design of State and County highway access and interior access roads. Utility conflicts were identified, including a major fiberoptic trunk line, two natural gas transmission lines and local phone and power lines.



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