Construction Survey

Westlake’s Heavy Construction Survey department has developed expertise in construction layout from our work on many of the largest, and most complex, projects in the Portland Metro area. We are especially proud of how the Quality Assurance (QA) program we’ve developed allows us to provide clients with consistently high-quality surveying work and responsive service, day in and day out. Westlake construction surveyors collaborate with design teams, owners and contractors to keep projects on track and on schedule.

Project Types and Services


Industrial, Commercial and Retail

Westlake has worked on an extensive number of commercial and industrial site projects, usually providing both interior layout and exterior construction surveying. Our role generally includes layout of pilings and building grids. We also have extensive experience in layout in clean room conditions for high-tech facilities, and offer specialized services including highly precise as-builts, control grids and tool layout.

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Clean Room Layout

Our experience working in high-tech facilities has allowed our surveying staff to become highly skilled in providing the precision layout needed for clean rooms, including tool layout and as-builts.

The Crossroads At Orenco Station

Hillsboro, Oregon

For this existing commercial and retail center, we provided construction staking for the parking lot addition. Westlake had previously been contracted to provide the site evaluation, survey update, construction documents and permitting assistance.


Roadways and Interchange Projects

Long-term, consistently proficient commitment is necessary for successful completion of roadways and freeway interchange projects. Westlake works with public agencies, owners and contractors to provide skilled layout for these projects, including staking for pilings, footings, retaining walls, road grading, utilities, pavement, signage and striping. Comprehensive calculations are prepared according to specifications, and provided to clients in a timely manner.

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Martin Luther King Blvd./Grand Avenue Over-Crossing

Portland, Oregon

For this major widening and reconstruction project, we established the horizontal and vertical benchmark controls. Our main responsibilities were to provide calculations and quality control checks to contractor Max J. Kuney Co


Freeway Overpasses and Interchanges

Locations throughout Oregon

Construction surveying for roadway projects require an added measure of safety and planning. Westlake has developed a strict safety protocol, allowing us to safeguard the public, as well as our survey crews.


Residential and Multi-Family Housing

Westlake provides layout for all sizes of subdivisions (8 to 80+ lots) as well as for apartments and senior living facilities. Subdivision projects typically involve staking for streets, utilities and grading, coordination of construction calculations for the final plat, and construction drawings for location of laterals, curbs, and utility easements. For apartments and senior living sites, we generally provide staking for the buildings, parking lots, roadway improvements and utilities (public and private). Westlake’s expertise and experience comes into play on multi-family sites, which are often complex and tightly constrained. Westlake maintains ongoing communication with the design team as we review drawings and perform calculations, resolving questions as they may arise.

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Construction Staking for Residential Subdivisions

Locations throughout Oregon

Westlake provides accurate construction staking for all phases of a subdivision development, allowing construction to proceed efficiently and smoothly. For a subdivision, we generally provide initial control and layout calculations and staking for sediment fence, lot grading, streets and sidewalks, retaining walls, and utilities such as storm drains, waterlines and sewers.

Multi-Family Housing Complexes

Locations throughout Oregon
Multi-family developments often require construction staking for multiple housing units, as well as detached garage units and other shared facilities, such as a clubhouse, swimming pool or courtyard. Westlake has successfully worked on multi-family developments of all sizes and is proactive in anticipating challenging situations.

Schools, Churches and Medical Facilities

Westlake understands that careful coordination with design teams is what ensures high quality layout for specialized institutional sites and medical facilities. These sites are unique as they often require layout for parking garages, basements or even tunnels, which are above, or below building grade. Westlake provides the layout for grading, driveways and parking lots, walkways and utilities, as well as other public improvements. Sites receiving renovation or upgrades can be even more complex, requiring specialized layout for complex building grids, curved surfaces and precise site grading.

For construction of these facilities, we typically provide staking for site grading, parking areas, utilities, street improvements, and athletic fields or landscaped areas. From the CADD design drawings provided by the architect of engineer, Westlake’s construction surveying team will calculate layout points, and confer with the design team to resolve questions. These types of projects are often lengthy, requiring our team to be engaged from 6 months to two years. Our high level of involvement supports quality work these complex projects require.

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Salem Regional Medical Center

Salem, Oregon

For this 40 acre site in downtown Salem, Westlake worked with the hospital design team for five years to meet survey and construction staking needs. Particular attention was paid to locating numerous, older underground utility lines, including active steam lines.

School Construction and Renovation

Locations throughout Oregon

Westlake provides construction surveying for new construction, as well as site improvements, for private and public school facilities. After the North Clackamas School District capital improvement bond passed in 2006, Westlake worked closely with the District, providing topographic and construction surveys for several existing and proposed school sites.

Rail, Airfield and Bridge Surveying

Quick response and the utmost care regarding safety are necessities for these types of transportation projects. We rely on our solid QA/QC experience, and work closely with our clients to ensure complete data acquisition and verification that construction is proceeding as planned.

We have provided surveying services for topography and existing conditions, wetlands mapping, control, boundary/right-of-way, monument perpetuation, easement descriptions, construction staking, settlement monitoring, and quantity verification for rail and airfield projects. Our light rail experience includes a dozen bridges, over-passes, and over-crossings. Additionally, we have served our clients with construction staking for rail and crossings, ballast, catenary poles and signals, grading, utilities, and stations. In addition, we provide staking for multi-modal transportation improvements, transit centers, and park and ride lots.


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Airport Taxiway

Hillsboro, Oregon

For this Port of Portland airfield property, Westlake conducted construction staking for the rehabilitation of one of the two taxiways. To meet the strict schedule required by an airfield project, our crews worked literally around the clock.


Sauvie Island Bridge

Portland, Oregon

Westlake provided construction staking for this unique bridge project. The original bridge, constructed in 1950, required replacement after it was found to have cracks in it. As a sub-contractor to Max J. Kuney Co., Westlake provided the construction staking for the layout, easements and grading, as well as for the temporary work bridge used during replacement, and the new, tie-arch span bridge.


Utilities and Treatment Plants

Fundamental to every utility infrastructure project, expert layout can keep a project on-track and on-budget. Westlake has extensive experience working with a range of clients to provide utility layout for sanitary sewer lines, storm drain facilities, waterlines, vaults, conduit and light poles. We have tackled large scale projects including tunnels, force mains and natural gas lines. In addition, we have provided layout for utility-scale wind power and telecommunications/cell sites. Often, we support the owner by collecting as-built data in the field, as utilities are constructed.


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NW Natural Mist to Molalla Pipeline

Washington, Clackamas and Marion Counties, Oregon

Westlake provided surveying, construction staking and as-builting for this 60 mile long, 24” natural gas pipeline. Among the challenges were varied property ownership in three different counties, limited access, and difficult topography which ranged from woodlands to river crossings.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Gresham, Oregon

Westlake understands the challenges associated with expansion of waste water treatment plants, and has provided surveying and construction staking services for several area facilities. Often, these facilities were constructed many years prior, and require upgrades to meet increased demand and new environmental requirements.



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