Land Use Planning

Westlake emphasizes a strategic, win-win approach to meeting our clients’ goals throughout the land use planning process. We address the complex issues of land use regulations, development, and permit approval by collaborating closely with governmental agencies and private sector clients. By providing keen focus and detailed research, we frame and implement robust approaches for our clients.

Our conviction is that clear and consistent communication with our clients allows us to stay on schedule and provide budgetary control for our clients. Our public involvement expertise helps clients meet a variety of goals, from information gathering and public meetings, to building support for regional and neighborhood improvement plans.

Project Types and Services


Feasibility Studies

Private developers and institutions such as colleges and hospitals rely on Westlake for due-diligence analysis, development feasibility assessment, exploratory research and strategic entitlement process planning. Westlake’s expertise in land use planning and civil engineering combine for rapid and comprehensive research and reporting, critical for smart business decision-making.

Trust for Public Lands

Trust for Public Lands/Open Space Acquisition

Tigard, Oregon

Working with the Trust for Public Lands and the Tigard-Tualatin School District, Westlake facilitated the realignment of Fowler Middle School boundaries to transfer an open space area to the City of Tigard. The area in question provides wetland and stream habitat to threatened fish species, pond turtles and red-legged frogs. To meet due diligence needs, Westlake prepared a hypothetical layout for a Planned Development scenario, then used that plan as the basis for an assessment of the potential yield and construction costs. These efforts set the stage for the real property transfer.

Columbia Edgewater Country Club

Portland, Oregon

Directing a multi-disciplinary project team, Westlake examined the feasibility and risks associated with potential development of a 20-acre site owned by the Columbia Edgewater Country Club, adjacent to the existing golf course. The feasibility study produced several alternative development layouts which were the basis for a pre-application conference with the City of Portland and public involvement meetings. The study provided CECC board members with the information they needed to make a timely and cost-effective decision, which was not to proceed further into the development process.

Master Planning

Private developers, as well as public agencies, depend on Westlake for master planning support. We have extensive experience with large industrial/commercial sites, residential and mixed-use sites, and urban growth boundary expansion areas. Our project management process is supported by rigorous coordination and organizational practices, from identifying resources, opportunities and constraints, to developing land use allocation programs supported by alternative plans for site layouts, and development phasing. We enjoy working closely with individual citizens, advisory committees, local and regional public agencies and service providers in the planning process.

Trust for Public Lands

Lewis and Clark College

Portland, Oregon

Westlake has provided strategic consulting for long-term campus master planning and development to Lewis & Clark since 2000. In addition to working on Conditional Use Master Plan amendments, we have provided permitting strategies, public involvement process support, Master Plan updates and ‘ad hoc’ consulting services regarding land use matters.

Conceptual Master Plan

Clackamas County, Oregon

For a private client, Westlake explored the possibility of creating a master-planned ‘village’ featuring a coherent network of travel corridors (streets and trails), utility connections, open space, wildlife corridors and residential development at a variety of densities. Westlake provided research, mapping and exhibits to identify areas of special interest for protection or preservation, prospective travel and utility corridors and potential developable lands.


Zoning/Design Review

Westlake secures land use approvals for all types of land use projects including subdivisions, design, or development review approvals, conditional use master plan updates, zone changes and comprehensive plan amendments. When code compliance becomes challenging, we have successfully requested variances and adjustments. Every project, large or small, receives the benefit of our years of experience, thorough research, and active coordination with staff in the review/approval process.

Trust for Public Lands

Fred Meyer/Old Town Square Mixed Use Center

Wilsonville, Oregon

Working with Fred Meyer’s architectural design team on this 19-acre, mixed-use development, Westlake was integral in the land use planning process. Site circulation, parking and pedestrian access were key concerns, in addition to preserving the historical church located on the property. Following public hearings, land use permits were issued by the City of Wilsonville in 2009, and public roadway improvements began right away. The development will open for business in 2011.


Standard TV & Appliance

Beaverton, Oregon

The owner of this locally-owned major appliance and home electronics retailer originally worked with Westlake to evaluate feasibility of remodeling an existing site and building to create a flagship store. As a result of that analysis, the decision was made to construct a new building at a former lumberyard site. Before building at the new site, the client required assistance with negotiating easement terms with a neighboring property owner and preparing and submitting Design Review and Variance applications to the City of Beaverton


Annexations/Urban Growth Boundary Expansions and Zoning

Westlake has created a successful track record of tackling unusual and complex land use situations for property owners. Legal issues regarding property boundaries or established use rights may surface for urban or rural properties when site development is proposed. We are pleased to offer the professional experience necessary to manage and resolve these kinds of situations. Westlake’s planners can work independently, or in consultation with a client’s legal counsel or professional services team.

Trust for Public Lands

Oregon State Hospital/Department of Corrections

Junction City, Oregon

Westlake prepared Triple Majority-method Annexation petitions for property south of Junction City, where both a state hospital and a prison facility are planned.  The project required coordination among several agencies -- including Oregon Department of Corrections, Oregon State Hospital, Oregon Department of Transportation, Lane Council of Governments, Lane County and City of Junction City -- to align with the existing City Limits and to establish annexation boundaries and rights-of-way (public roads and railroad corridors) to be included. 

Urban Growth Boundary Expansion

Locations throughout Oregon

Working strategically with legal counsel, Westlake has helped numerous property owners and developers petition to bring property into the local UGB, or to be included in a future urban reserve area designation.  Presentation materials include thematic mapping, opportunities and constraints analysis, pro-forma development yield calculations, and narrative explanation of key concepts and characteristics.  To be effective in this arena, Westlake builds and maintains good working relationships with staff of governments and agencies involved in urbanization planning process, including the state Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), Metro, cities, counties, and service providers.

Land Use Applications

Westlake staff can help clients to successfully divide and re-configure property to meet project objectives. We prepare land use applications for a broad range of property types including partitions, subdivisions, property line adjustments and multi-family parcels.

Project types include:

For each land use application, Westlake prepares the narrative text and exhibits to describe how current siting and development standards can be met, while achieving land division goals. Our process includes researching code and process requirements, preparing any necessary exhibits or mapping, and continual follow-up with the local jurisdictions and project team. We represent the project at public meetings with planning staff or at public hearings, and review the Conditions of Approval with the jurisdiction and project team once approval is granted.

Trust for Public Lands

Lady Apple Residential Subdivision

Tigard, Oregon

Westlake provided the land use planning, surveying and civil engineering services necessary for approval of this Planned Unit Development (PUD). We worked with the owner to subdivide the property in accordance with the City’s Planned Development Overlay Zone and Subdivision standards. The PUD process allowed for flexibility in design due to site constraints, including a creek drainage which bisected the property and three small wetland areas. The PUD application allowed for maximum development of the property, while preserving important natural site features.

Westlake planners supported the application with a neighborhood meeting and public hearing.

After the land use application was approved, Westlake provided the civil engineering and surveying services necessary for the final design and construction of the development.

Village at Main Street

Wilsonville, Oregon

Working in partnership with the project developers and architectural team, Westlake prepared the civil design exhibits to support the land use application for Village at Main Street. This 50-acre development features 464 apartments, 70 townhomes and 32 single family homes, in addition to 135,000 SQFT of commercial retail and office space. It was developed as a neighborhood community and is adjacent to a large park and the Wilsonville library.


Trust for Public Lands

The Quarry at Stafford

Clackamas County, Oregon

This unique and ambitious project reclaimed a 145-acre former quarry site as a 29 lot rural residential subdivision, featuring a 100-foot high basaltic head wall as a scenic backdrop.

Westlake planners prepared the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Zone Change application for Clackamas County approval, changing the property’s zoning designation from Resource/EFU to Rural RRFF-5, allowing a 5-acre minimum average lot size. Westlake also coordinated a team of field specialists (geotechnical, natural resources, traffic) and developed a tight working schedule so the preliminary subdivision plat application could be processed concurrently with the CPA/ZA proposal. 

Home construction proceeded rapidly following land use approval. The Quarry at Stafford was selected for that year’s Home Builder’s Association ‘Street of Dreams’ site.

Fuller View Estates

Beaverton, Oregon

This 38 lot subdivision, adjacent to a natural area maintained by Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD), required working closely with Washington County to obtain land use application approval. Westlake supported our client through the pre-application conference, facilitated the required neighborhood meeting, prepared the land use permit application package, and maintained communication with County staff throughout the permit review and approval process.

Key issues included unique site conditions (natural resources, wetlands, slopes and drainage ways, and tree preservation), as well as detailed design for installation of utility services and storm water management facilities.

Westlake coordinated with THPRD to ‘field fit’ a pedestrian pathway connecting the subdivision to the adjacent natural area.

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