Industrial Measurement

Industrial measurement with millimeter precision is possible through Westlake’s 3D dimensioning division. This innovative service offers real-time capabilities in measurement, dimensioning, layout and installation support. Comprehensive, in-depth project planning, site inventory and remote data collection are all possible with 3D scanning. Westlake 3D specialists have provided scanning for complex projects in a variety of challenging environments throughout the United States. Our successful track record is based on a strong service orientation and desire to collaborate with our clients.

Industrial Measurement Services

System Capabilities

Westlake’s Industrial Measurement Services are not conventional surveying. A more fitting description is ‘applied geometry’, as we take measurements to model and verify geometric shapes, dimensions and relationships. We also provide layout and real-time alignment and assembly support.

3D Precision

We typically achieve millimeter precision-in all three dimensions-for any given measurement. This allows us to provide true 3D coordinates for each point measured to be used for as-builting, analysis or layout.

Coordinate Analysis

The same coordinate system is maintained as we move around objects, or into the interior of a building or ship. This ties all measurements to a common site coordinate system. Coordinate conversions can also be made to reference measurements to project geometry (such as a ship’s centerline, a building grid or the centerline of a rudder stock).


Westlake’s real-time capability for industrial measurement is of particular value for precise assembly/alignment support. Providing data to generate precise, 3D as-builts allows us to analyze shapes in real-time. If design data is provided in advance, we can make real-time field comparisons of as-builts and as-designed coordinates. This allows us to monitor movement and assess deformation.

Project Collaboration

The challenging nature of the projects we undertake requires Westlake to work closely with the client/contractor. Together, we define the project approach and deliverables, establish site geometry, define project tolerances and identify network control locations. Westlake staff enjoy this collaboration and find it supports successful project outcomes.



Westlake’s industrial measurement services enable pre-fabrication and precise alignment of an array of manufacturing system components. Many times, we also provide comparisons of design to as-fabricated or as-installed components. This is done on-site, and in real time. In other instances, we provide as-builts for pre-fabrication for replacement or upgrade components, achieving a first-time fit. Our experience includes projects at oil refineries, pulp and paper facilities, metal fabrication and steel milling facilities.

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Jorgensorn Forge Manipulator

Tukwila, Washington

For the Jorgensen Forge, Westlake established the geometric alignment of the manipulator operations, laid out the rail line which the manipulator travels on, and then verified final installation. To avoid shutting down forging operations for an extended period, Westlake met tight schedule demands.

High Tech Facilities

The constant evolution of fabrication processes in the high-tech and industrial arenas demands layout to exacting tolerances. This precise layout supports the alignment of material handling and conveyance systems, and associated equipment. Westlake provides industrial measurement services to support owners, engineers and contractors for design, modification, construction and installations in a wide variety of facility types. These include microprocessor/chip facilities, solar energy manufacturing sites, shipyards, steel fabrication plants and pulp/paper/fiber facilities. Our experience includes projects in new facilities under construction, operating in clean rooms, and in facilities undergoing conversion or modification.

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Clean Room

Locations throughout the United States

Westlake has signed confidentiality and no-disclosure agreements with all our high tech clients. However, we can disclose that our services have contributed to design of manufacturing facilities that reflect actual conditions, to a high degree of precision, and construction which replicates design in a real world environment.


Westlake has a history of service to the marine industries working on both large and small vessels. One of our first projects was the Glomar Explorer which was converted from a spy ship recovery vessel to oil exploration. Other projects include deformation assessment of large naval supply ships, an Alaskan ferry, and a Columbia River tug, as well as dimensional control and verification for modular fabrication of a power barge.

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NOAA ‘Ranier’

For several NOAA ships, including the NOAA Rainier, we performed measurements for precise alignment and installation of sonar array transducer fairings and system components. The Ranier conducts coastal hydrographic surveys and is considered one of the most modern survey platforms in the world.

Army Corps of Engineers Dredge ‘Essayons’

For the 350 foot long Army Corps of Engineers hopper dredge Essayons, we performed verification and alignment for fabrication and installation of new drag arms. The Essayons primarily works to maintain federal navigation channels on the West Coast, but is equipped for worldwide deployment.

Complex Fabrication

Westlake has provided layout and on-site verification of geometry for many complex fabrication projects. Sample projects include rudder castings and assemblies for ships, and both marine and power barge fabrication, as well as bridge/overpass girder assemblies.


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Bridge and Freeway Overpasses

Locations throughout the United States

For bridge and freeway overpasses, we have supported full progressive assembly of bridge girder systems, often involving complex super-elevated curves. Our services have included both layout and verification. The girders have been transported to sites throughout the United States.

Dry Dock

Everett, Washington

For a Port of Everett dry-dock caisson, we provided verification of design to fabrication, identifying and quantifying deviations.

Deformation Analysis and Monitoring

Westlake’s high tolerance, 3D measurements facilitate analysis of structures to identify deviation or deformation in any dimension. Examples include structural columns in old buildings, freeway overpass supports, bridge lift spans, marine vessels and rudder assemblies, an d manufacturing equipment. In other situations, we perform repeat 3D measurements to monitor existing structures to identify movement or settling as construction efforts are conducted nearby.


Trust for Public Lands

Broadway Bridge

Portland, Oregon

For the Broadway Bridge, Westlake performed a series of measurements as the bridge was opened and close to assess alignment of the lift mechanism.

Craneway at the Port of Portland Marine Terminal

Portland, Oregon

For a Port of Portland marine terminal craneway we combined 3D scanning and precise industrial measurements to locate and quantify deformation of a rail.

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