Civil Engineering

Westlake provides a broad range of civil engineering services to both private clients and public agencies. From permitting to design and construction, we offer a high level of involvement and service for roadway, transportation and grading projects, as well as water-related projects such as sewer, storm drain and environmental storm water quality/quantity. We focus on our clients’ objectives during each phase of the civil engineering process, supporting and guiding every project from inception to final close-out, providing cost-conscious, buildable civil designs and knowledgeable construction support.

Project Types and Services



Site Development /Redevelopment

Commercial developers and land owners rely on Westlake to provide civil engineering services for new site developments and redevelopment/remodeling efforts. We tackle the array of challenges these types of projects present, including code compliance, challenging topography and access issues. Our expertise in finding timely, sensible solutions to unforeseen construction challenges allows our clients to focus on development progress, instead of on the development obstacles.

Trust for Public Lands

Town Square Redevelopment

Washougal, Washington

Westlake civil engineering staff worked with the architect and developer in support of this city block redevelopment. Sustainable development practices were a priority, and the project was awarded LEED Silver status.

Pacific Oncology

Beaverton, Oregon

Westlake provided land use permitting and civil engineering services from preliminary design, through preparation of construction drawings, permitting and construction administration. We worked closely with the architect-led design team to address grading, drainage, utility systems and site circulation (including emergency vehicle access) for this state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment center.

Roadways and Streets

Westlake supports civil engineering for roadway design and construction with face-to-face meetings, frequent progress updates, interim submittals and regular work sessions. Our commitment to ongoing communication and involvement makes us a good fit for public agencies, public-private partnerships and private developers. Westlake provides civil design for both new roadway projects and realignment or widening projects, along with utility infrastructure.

Trust for Public Lands

Access and Turbine String Road

Gilliam County, Oregon

To date, Westlake has designed over 200 miles of access and turbine string roads for wind energy sites throughout the United States. These roadways must meet demanding design criteria for horizontal and vertical curves due to the delivery of long, heavy turbine components to remote sites.

Center Street NE Widening

Salem, Oregon

In conjunction with site work at the Oregon State Hospital, this major collector street required widening to bring it to 3 traffic lanes, along with bike lanes. Westlake engineers designed a new street intersection, two major entrances to the south campus of the Oregon State Hospital campus, four new ADA ramps, new cross walks and four bus shelters. The design also relocated storm facilities, using some of the first public bioswales in Salem constructed to stringent B.E.S. standards.

Utility Infrastructure

Westlake is often called upon to provide conceptual planning, upgrade design and detailed calculations for utility projects. Frequently, utility projects are complicated by functional challenges created by aging infrastructure or upgrades necessary to accommodate growth and development.

Trust for Public Lands

Charbonneau District Utility and Paving Reconstruction

Wilsonville, Oregon

After the City of Wilsonville assumed responsibility for a portion of Charbonneau’s aging infrastructure, Westlake assisted the City in the civil design and surveying services necessary to bring the infrastructure up to public standards.

Second Street Sewer, Water and Storm Main Design

Scappoose, Oregon

A new street to enhance circulation to several other roadways and developments, Second Street required design of a new 12” water main, and new sewer and storm mains. Best Management Practices (BMP’s) were followed for the duration of the project.

Residential, Multi-Family and Senior Living Facilities

Working closely with local agencies and jurisdictions, Westlake obtains planning approval, prepares construction documents for site infrastructure and records final plats for residential subdivisions. We are experienced meeting the design and permitting challenges of residential subdivisions, such as rezoning and annexation. Multi-family and senior living projects present their own unique challenges such as ADA requirements. Collaboration and ongoing communication with each project’s architect-led team allows us to be successful. Westlake engineering staff will often also design the utility extensions and roadway improvements required to meet conditions of approval for housing projects.

Trust for Public Lands

Residential Subdivision Development

Tigard, Oregon

Working closely with the contractor for this 75 lot subdivision, Westlake was responsible for providing construction documents, construction staking, final platting, construction administration and close-out services. The Bull Mountain site required extensive storm drain system analysis.

Senior Living Facility

Beaverton, Oregon

To support development or sales of senior living facilitis, including memory care units, our civil engineers provide full site and utilities design. Our land surveying team works to provide the initial data for design and easements, including ALTA land title requirements.

Schools, Hospitals and Institutions

Westlake’s experience and understanding of campus sites allows us to work in partnership with both public and private school design teams, as well as institutional clients. Participating as full team members, we provide the civil engineering services required for both new sites, and expansion projects. Westlake understands the complicated process these types of sites go through. From initial design and site analysis, to public comment programs and design charrettes,  we assist our clients during each development phase. We then focus our technical expertise on the more traditional tasks of final design, with preparation of construction documents, construction cost estimating, bidding and construction support.

Trust for Public Lands

Elementary School Civil Design

Tualatin, Oregon

Parking safety was of paramount concern at this new school construction site. Other critical aspects included pedestrian safety, as well as bus and emergency vehicle access. To enhance safety and traffic circulation around the school, we designed street extensions and pedestrian improvements within the school neighborhood.

Oregon State Hospital

Salem, Oregon

Westlake is currently serving as the Civil Engineer of Record for the replacement and redesign effort for the Oregon State Hospital in Salem. This has involved assessment, analysis and design for site grading and access, public utilities and new or reconstructed public roadway. The project requires more than 10,000 linear feet of new utility lines, nearly a mile of new roadway and pedestrian access routes,1600 new parking spaces and over 30 acres of grading. The site features 50 historical buildings which require utility upgrades. This is the largest capital improvement project the state of Oregon has ever undertaken.

Commercial, Mixed-Use and Industrial Sites

Industrial and commercial facilities present a variety of needs, and we work with clients to meet site specific needs which are often related to function, such as truck traffic, and safety, such as pedestrian use. Westlake assists clients with master planning for new sites, as well as with site redesign for re-use or expanded use of a site. 

Trust for Public Lands

Schneider Trucking

Portland, Oregon

Our client’s goal was to adapt an existing site to provide vehicle storage, an expanded office facility, new entry drives and expansion of uses into the existing railroad right of way along the site perimeter. In addition to land use planning assistance, our civil engineers provided civil design and construction permitting. Special attention was given to storm water management to limit impact to the proposed drive aisles. We were able to help Schneider keep construction costs in line and mitigate site impacts.

Fred Meyer Old Town Square Development

Wilsonville, Oregon

This mixed-use development is slated to be completed in 2011. Westlake’s civil engineering and planning staff have worked with Fred Meyer for several years to facilitate development of a new store at this location. Utility services, right-of-way issues and drainage management have been key concerns, complicated by the need to preserve an historic church.  Our civil engineering team has provided detailed site design, with particular emphasis on utility routing, storm water management/disposal, and roadway/intersection alignment.

Storm Water Management and Mitigation

Our creative approach to storm water management can make cost management possible while meeting today’s best management practices (BMP) and protecting our watersheds. Innovative, yet practical solutions are particularly needed for remodeling or redevelopment projects where space is limited. Westlake works with clients, project teams and agency/jurisdiction staff to identify acceptable options to develop a preferred alternative for every site.

Trust for Public Lands

Large Underground Storm Water Vault

Gresham, Oregon

Westlake supported design and implementation of a storm water management system for three drainage basins within an industrial manufacturing site. The improvements incorporated water quality treatment and run-off containment.

Water Pollution Control Laboratory

Portland, Oregon

Working in a team environment with multiple consultants, Westlake provide civil engineering and surveying services for design and construction of this award-winning facility, located on the west bank of the Willamette River.

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